At HM Legal Group, we are a new kind of law firm for a changing world. We are consistent, patient and professional, giving each new case the attention it deserves. An integral part of our services is to work closely with our clients so that they can make the right decisions with respect to their legal needs. 

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HM Legal Group engages in civil litigation at both the state and federal level. Our attorneys are primarily focused on Personal Injury, Property DamageHabitability, and Traffic Tickets We are located in Pasadena, California but provide our service throughout the entire state of California. Check out our "about us" above for greater detail.

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HM Legal Group is a Los Angeles law firm dedicated to serving the needs of all residents of California in the areas of personal injury, property damage, habitability claims, and employment law. We are committed to helping and guiding each and every single client through their own respective difficult situation. We serve both as advocates of our clients, as well as advisors. Our attorneys are ready, willing and able to provide the most robust and effective representation in order to ensure that our clients needs and rights are upheld. Our attorneys strive to deliver the upmost personalized and tailored care towards each and every client. Our lawyers are always available to answer are clients questions day or night. Call us anytime for a free consultation. 


Now that the whole process is done, I couldn't thank my friend enough for recommending them.  They made me feel right at home during the consultation and they outlined the whole process to put me at ease.  I never had to speak to the insurance company, I got my car fixed, I was able to get phenomenal treatment to feel better, and I got handsomely compensated for the troubles I had to go through because of the car accident.

— Chris  via Yelp

Office: (818) 660-5088

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790 E. Colorado Blvd. Ste. 790 Pasadena, CA 91101

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